Founded by a group of Swiss biologists in 1945, IBSA – InstituteBiochemical SA – has gained unique experience in pharmaceutical research and technology. Focusing on the development of innovations that optimize existing molecules and therapeutic solutions, the company has grown rapidly and also expanded internationally: today its products can be found in over 80 countries, over 5 continents.

IBSA has used its experience and expertise in the pharmaceutical field to branch out and develop medical devices for dermatology based on hyaluronic acid – thus giving birth to a dedicated dermoaesthetic brand: IBSA Derma.

Through scientific expertise, continuous research, technological development and a modern production process, IBSA Derma has become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies for the production of hyaluronic acid in dermoaesthetic applications.

IBSA Derma distinguishes itself in this vast market because it controls the entire product life cycle: from the biofermentation production of the raw material to it being ready to use in pre-filled syringes.

IBSA Derma now offers a complete range of products whose production, from research to trading, is completely Italian.


To assert ourselves as pioneers of a new approach to dermoaesthetic medicine, pushing towards a new idea of beauty – one that is authentic and that exudes from within.

A new idea of beauty. It is not about changing the status quo, but the determination of improving it. A beauty that is authentic and unique in each and every one of us; a beauty that reflects individuality that is only yours;  it is not standardized and preserves individuality.

Beauty comes from within and spreads through the skin.