Abdomen and legs, Arms, Body

Summer is over but we must continue to take care of our bodies.

di Bruno Bovani

Abdomen and legs, Arms, Body

Summer is over but we must continue to take care of our bodies.

To treat skin laxity we don't have to wait until the warm season starts. If we want to look really good next summer, let's start planning a treatment now.

With the arrival of summer, many women are looking for quick solutions to deal with body imperfections, such as skin laxity, but preventing them effectively requires planning and perseverance: we must learn to take care of our body and our skin month after month throughout the year.

The hectic pace of daily life frequently changes our priorities and often we don’t have much time left to take care of our physical fitness. So we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of the summer season – the most critical time – just to realize that we haven’t given our bodies the attention they need to be in tip-top shape.

This is confirmed by the requests of the patients I have been visiting for weeks and who ask for help to improve their aesthetic condition in the shortest time possible, worried about having to face the vacations and the swimsuit test in their best shape.

How do you know if your body is in good shape?

A body is in good shape when the skin is well hydrated, toned, firm and elastic, therefore if it has a well-groomed, young and healthy appearance. And this is why among the main requests for help that we doctors receive is the treatment of skin laxity of the body, with reference to specific areas such as the inner arms, knees and abdomen, precisely because they are subject to being more exposed in the hot season.

We physicians would like to meet the needs of our patients with immediate results, but it is not always possible to resolve in a few days situations that have become entrenched over years.

The secret to fighting laxity? Continuity.

Improving and maintaining over time the tone, elasticity and firmness, and therefore the beauty of the tissues, is a process that requires method and perseverance. One more reason to collaborate with an Aesthetic Doctor or a Plastic Surgeon. These professionals help patients to establish the most suitable treatment program for their needs. And not for a time limited to a single season, but throughout the year.

What are the best solutions for treating skin laxity?

Today to treat skin laxity we can count on various solutions. I find that hyaluronic acid is one of the most valid and reliable allies. I am thinking above all of the “hybrid” form of this substance, which contains cooperative complexes of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, capable of remodeling the skin in an optimal way with appreciable results for both doctors and patients.

By now the summer season is over, but why not be prepared for the next one and the ones to follow?

My advice is to start planning a treatment program with your Aesthetic Doctor right away. It’s the best way to feel good in your skin, in the summer and all year round.